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About Us

Chemical equipment including labs, conical flask, burette, pipettes etc., does that also take you back to your school and college times. One of the most important things in labs while using equipment is the safety as well as resistance to heat and chemicals. Understanding the importance and the usage of the chemicals we Global Scientific have designed these in such a way that these are easy to handle as well as resistant to harsh chemicals. We are a manufacturer and supplier of 100ml Global Glass Beaker, Global Scientific Glass Measuring Cylinder Base, Global Glass Stopper Finish, Global Borosilicate Glass Petri Dish, Global Laboratory Plastic Measuring Jug, etc.

We are a company which is technically superior, highly reliable and maintain a competitive price range. In order to sustain ourselves and grow in the market we follow ethical business practices and our team of technologists and specialist engineers strives day every day to innovate our products while complying with the industry standards. Stringent quality checks at every step ensure that quality of the product is not compromised. We ensure that we spend time in R&D of our products and make these in a way which makes the end user's experience easy.

Why Us?

Though a new name in the market, but our quality assured products and our team of quality experts have helped us stand out and make a name for us in this market. Our company name is based on the philosophy we follow i.e. service to the global world with our range of products which include Global Glass Petri Dish, Global Borosilicate Glass Petri Dish, Global Laboratory Plastic Measuring Jug, etc. that are produced in a scientific way. Some noteworthy points which will make you trust a new player in the industry are:

  • Accurate Design: Our products are designed accurately in such a way which make them perfect to use in labs, schools, research centers etc.We make products such as Global Scientific Glass Measuring Cylinder Base, Global Glass Stopper Finish,etc. which are made according to the industry requirements.
  • Industrious team: Our team works very meticulously, in a very planned and dedicated manner which helps to innovate products as well as maintain timely flow of our products.
  • Fine in finishing: Our products are manufactured in a way and handled by a team of experts which gives them fine finishing, which ultimately helps to prevent any injuries in labs because of improper finished edges.
  • Ethical business Practices: We deliver what we show to you. No malpractices in between.

Quality Assurance

One of the key components while making materials for labs is to keep in mind that, these equipment will be handled by people. In order to ensure, safety of the people as well as make sure that no mishaps takes place in any labs because of equipment we double check the quality of our products and make these pass through stringent tests. Only after passing the quality checks, these are forwarded for packaging. Moreover resistance to heat and chemicals is what make our products more durable, user friendly, easy to handle and fine in finishing.

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